The Stop-Start Blogger

The what now? The “stop-start” blogger. That’s me.

Stop-start is an adjective that means “to continuously start something, stop, and start again”, which describes many aspects of my life, including keeping a blog. I used to have a blog on another site to which I was introduced many years ago. I quickly found that this thing called “life” happens whenever you make plans to do just about anything; Maintaining that blog became a tedious task, one in which I lost interest. A bit later I decided to give it a go again only to find it was again just not something I could keep up with. I think that second time (and maybe a bit of the first time) it was because not all of my material was particularly happy. As as result, I’d log on after a period of time and be immediately greeted by the unhappiness I’d vented about some time ago, all those thoughts would come rushing back and I’d log out again, just like that. Lather, rinse, repeat for just about any blog I tried keeping up with before I realized that it could have even been an issue. I put aside the idea of blogging for a long time, years in fact.

That is until now.

Inspired by the blog of a friend, I’ve found it within myself to give it “the old college try”, even though I’m not attending college. I brought the idea of blogging to my better half who gave me some helpful advice (which more or less consisted of “post happy stuff instead and see where that gets you”) and here we are. I’m behind a computer screen tapping away at my keyboard and (well) after this gets posted, you, dear reader, will consume and move on, or perhaps leave a comment, question, suggestion, you may even share it if you wish. I mean that’s how these blog things work right?

Listen, I’m not doing this in the hopes of one day becoming a famous blogger, someone who gets paid to write about stuff all day. In fact, I’d probably loathe that lifestyle. No, I came here to more or less document my happier times so this way on my bad days I have something to reflect upon. Don’t get me wrong, however, I wouldn’t be posting on the internet for all to see if I wanted to keep this info to myself. Paper and pen exist for that reason. So I write for the consumption and reflection of others, so that you may laugh and smile as I do. Perhaps I can start off with a witty anecdote that somehow ties into a story about my day. If it wasn’t a good day, maybe I can use the opportunity to pick out the silver lining to an otherwise bleak cloud.

Who knows how it’ll go, honestly? Time will tell. Over the coming blog posts, you’ll undoubtedly learn much about me and my personal life so I’ll spare you the details for now. I’ll see if I can write about 500 words or so each time. Nothing major, just a blurb here and there. Also, I don’t have any ideas for a schedule so I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating. I’ll try for a couple times a week to start, I suppose. Yeah, I’ll try that out and we’ll go from there.

I should probably figure out how I want to sign off of these posts instead of just rambling on and on…. and on…. and on…. and on…



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